Zealync is a turnkey solution provider from chips, modules, boards and system level.

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Boards and System


Low power consumption: The 4W power consumption of the self-developed DFE core chip has a huge advantage over other solutions in the industry. The optimized design of the power supply of the whole machine also significantly reduces power consumption.

Compact structure: Thanks to the low power consumption design, the height of the cooling teeth is reduced. High dielectric constant ceramic material substrate reduces antenna size.

Low cost: The main chip B20 has a price advantage compared .

Flexibility: It can support eCPRI/CPRI interface to support Split option7.x and Split option8. Different fronthaul protocol processing can be satisfied on a unified hardware platform only by upgrading software configuration and firmware.


Eagle series is a high-performance 2T2R and 4T4R system solution from 250mw to 120W RRU independently developed by Zealync. It forms a distributed EagleRRU system with BBU and Switch. It is the mainstream solution for 5G/4G/3G indoor coverage.  It has the advantages of low transmission power, convenient installation, and is suitable for coexistence design with macro base station systems. It also has the advantages of low cost, large coverage, and easy upgrade and expansion.

It is suitable for indoor coverage scenarios where there is a large demand for data services and high service quality requirements in dense urban areas and hotspot areas, such as office buildings, subways, railway stations, large shopping malls, stadiums, airports and other places. Support POE power supply, special RJ45 DC, independent DC interface, support switches without POE function, optical composite cable.