Narrowband RF Transceiver


·1 x 1 highly integrated transceiver

·Frequency range of 50 MHz to 3000 MHz

·Support for TDD and FDD applications

·Transmitter and receiver bandwidth from 200 KHz to 60 MHz

·Two fully integrated, fractional-N, RF synthesizers

·LVDS and CMOS synchronous serial data interface options

·Multichip synchronization capabilities

·Dynamic profile switching for dynamic data rates and sample rates

·Fully programmable via a 4-wire SPI

·Support analog IF input and output

·10 mm x 10 mm, 144-ball TFBGA





·Connects to the ZC706 developing board by FMC LPC connector

·Single transmitter (TX)

·Single receiver (RX)

·Supports TDD or FDD

·Supports analog IF I and Q input or output, differential

·Digital interface supports CMOS or LVDS

·Supports 4-wire SPI control bus and GPIO control

·Supports onboard clock (40MHz) or external clock input

·Supports to power EVB by ZC706 developing board or by an independent 5V/2A adaptor.